The Olive Myth 

"Greek everlasting super-centenarial olive tree"


 A unique natural sculpture, symbol of peace, civilization, prosperity, immortality and victory. There is nowhere in the world a tree that can narrate so beautifully, so vividly so poetically the history of mankind. The olive tree has its own soul full of feelings and compassion, able to listen and sense. Its roots are lost in the the depths of history, meeting Homer in Odyssey and Iliad, we see Plato resting under its sweet shade, the first Olympic winners being presented an olive branch wreath as a medal and Nikos Kazantzakis being inspired by it. These unique beyond compare masterpieces, which are envied by every artist, embody with absolute detail the greatness of life, inundated with feelings of wholeness by any artist who looks at it.


"The olive myth"


  The olive tree was the sacred tree of Athens. According to mythology Athena and Poseidon desired to be patron of the city of Athens. Athena presented an olive tree as a gift to the Athenians in order to win their goodwill over this rivalry between Poseidon and herself. Her gift was considered far better and ever since, the olive tree is considered Athena the patron deity of Athens!


"The Kotinos olive wreath"

 The olive tree for the ancient Greeks was the symbol of the Olympic ideal of peace, wisdom and victory. For this reason the prize awarded to the winners was a wreath made from an olive branch - The Kotinos. In the temple of Hera in Ancient Olympia there is a holy wild everlasting olive tree, ‘Kallistefanos The Olive’ from which they make ‘The Kotinos’ the wreath.The myth claims that Hercules planted the tree after competing the 12 feats.